The Capital List Begins

You’re standing on the street corner saying goodbye to your group of friends as you glance down and notice the stain on your shirt from the evenings meal. “Great…” you think. “A brand-new shirt and now it is ruined, and ruined by a terrible meal from a restaurant that was not only overpriced but devoid of atmosphere.

If only I possessed the superpower to quickly and reliably find out if a restaurant, bar, or cafe was average or fantastic before even setting foot in the door!”

Well, do want to know a secret? You do hold the power. No, it’s not technically a ‘superpower’, but it’s 2018 and The Capital List has been unleashed – your official curator of quality establishments worthy of a visit in Canberra.

Served to you with no advertisements, no fluff, and completely independent.

We hope you enjoy.



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