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I first floated the idea for ‘The Capital List’ a number of years ago whilst we were sitting in the original ‘Two Before Ten’ which used to be in Canberra House. Back then the intoxicating smell of their coffee roasting would drift across Hobart Place and I would find myself purchasing a bag of freshly roasted coffee, even if I was already stocked up at home.

Unfortunately times have changed. The section of Canberra House that housed the original joint has undergone major renovations the collateral damage being the unfortunate closing of the original cafe and roasters which ultimately moved out to Aranda.

The intoxicating smell of their Inner City roasters is gone, but arguably one of the best locally roasted brews can still be had at their (somewhat) new venue across the park, and road, and construction site…. alright it’s a little way from the original spot!

Beautifully bright and airy, the interior of the new city ‘Two Before’ is a wonderful space to enjoy a brew and watch the construction of the new Hobart Place take shape. The food is all made in house too with reasonable attention to detail; the menu won’t blow your socks off but it’s reasonably consistent and tasty.

It doesn’t quite have the bohemian character of the original venture, but the coffee quality is just as marvellous and if you close your eyes and ignore the construction noise, you may even be able to pretend you’re in the old joint!

It has won a spot on the list, and not just for nostalgias sake.



We Love!

  • Similar, if not the same, menu as their Aranda cafe. Minus the absolute cacophony of Lorna Jane clad parents from the primary school across the road.
  • Same fantastic coffee that they have roasted in house for as long as I can remember!
  • They have a proper offering of alternative coffee styles for the ‘done with espresso’ crowd. They offer ‘Pour Overs’ to ‘Aeropress’, ‘Batch’ & ‘Cold Brew’ just ask the staff.

Not So Much…

  • Not a huge deal; but it can be utterly packed with the public servant crowd around lunch time. The crew seem to do a pretty good job to hammer through the take aways but if you wanted lunch on a week day I’d book.
  • Tad pricey. Not hugely, but $6.00 for an Aeropress or Pour Over coffee, c’mon folks. And $11.00 for a ‘toastie’… drop a few bucks off and I’ll have two!

Go Visit.

1 Hobart Place, Canberra City, ACT



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