The Cupping Room


I have found my caffeine muse. A place where I can ostentatiously sip my single origin pour over coffee whilst my ‘friends’ take the piss out of me.

In all seriousness ‘The Cupping Room’ is one of the best coffee experiences you will find in Canberra if you really can appreciate a crafted cup of coffee accompanied by an interesting story as to how it came to be in your cup.

The Cupping Room is pretty much akin to ONA Coffee’s flagship venue. What’s an ONA? Purportedly Canberra’s largest specialty coffee roaster, but they do have some good credentials (and pretty excellent skills). Think international barista superstar Sasa Sestic.

Okay preaching aside, what does this mean for me? Good coffee. The venue is also beautifully clad in rich timber almost everywhere you look. It creates this magic atmosphere you will have to experience for yourself. Plus the food is pretty consistently matched to the coffee in quality, with just the right amount of kitsch.

The whole experience is best suited to a small group (think no more that four) but is guaranteed to be a rewarding one. Don’t let the credentials or ‘uniqueness’ of the venue deter a visit; walk up like you own the place and ask for a table, you won’t be disappointed.

Not convinced? They have a little take away window on the side opposite the AON building which is great for grabbing a coffee and dipping your toe in the water. And remember coffee is their game so just ask! They will willing talk your ear off about it.

Be brave. You won’t regret it.



We Love!

  • This is ONA’s flagship venue and it shows. The attention to detail with the presentation and brew of the coffee is first class. And the food’s not bad either!
  • On a cold winter’s day the interior is like a beautiful cedar greenhouse thanks to all the coachwork on the windows and doors.
  • Staff are usually on point, even at peak service.

Not So Much…

  • As much as we love The Cupping Room (& we do, a lot) it seems to have developed an air of pretentiousness about it. This may have stemmed from the uninitiated not completely grasping that the venue is a ‘specialty coffee cafe’ & not a cheap caffeine fix.
  • They don’t take bookings. Not such a big deal as you don’t normally have to wait long and the staff are pretty ‘on the ball’ with seating you, but if you have a large group maybe look elsewhere.

Go Visit.

1/1-13 University Ave, Canberra, ACT




2 thoughts on “The Cupping Room

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  1. “Specialty coffee cafe”? If specialty means taking a coffee shot, pouring hot milk in of which the customer gets no choice as to how they’d like it, and then receiving a stern look and lecture as to why they only pour “white coffee” instead of flat whites, then you’ve nailed it. Air of pretentiousness, indeed…


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