Mama Dough


Mama Dough. Nailed their logo, & their pizza.

You could be forgiven for missing the small rectangular illuminated sign hanging above the door, or Mama Dough’s itself nestled between Edgars Pub and Pulp Kitchen at the Ainslie shops. This tiny little narrow shop space has had a genuine wood fired pizza oven and a whole lot of character injected into it.

They offer a short, delicious menu, all cooked to order on site. Everyone I have dined at Mama’s with has loved the quality of the pizzas that are chucked out, all with that delicious wood fired char to them.

The atmosphere is relaxed and cosy plus in winter that big ceramic oven keeps the interior nice and toasty (don’t know about summer). However the interior fit out only accommodates a small number of tables along the wall for two. There is a little more seating outside which they have made an effort to seclude from the surrounds by screening with plants and benches which makes it nice and intimate but seating is limited.

If you like simple and delicious authentic wood fired pizza made with quality ingredients. Appreciate a comfortable intimate venue. And maybe a cheeky tall glass of red. Then definitely give Mama D’s a try.



We Love!

  • Finally a place in North Canberra that does delicious wood fired pizza without it being overly gourmet and pretentious. You can grab a ‘margarita to go’ and accompany it with an award winning vintage of passion pop!
  • The pizzas are nothing short of delicious. The recipe seems to be; quality ingredients without the excess.
  • They have nailed the atmosphere. The place is tiny, but it feels cosy and humble.

Not So Much…

  • Due to the extremely small size of the venue it can become difficult to find a table. My advice is to: plan to get there slightly early, order it as takeaway, or (and here is the special Mama Dough secret so listen up); they will serve you at Edgars Pub next door if you ask nicely enough. It’s the same owners.
  • Bit pricey but hey, it’s gourmet pizza I guess.
  • There is not much to dislike about Mama Dough but I couldn’t finish the review without addressing the infamous ‘mozzarella incident’. What’s the ‘mozzarella incident?’ Some have called it the Watergate of our time, others have told me to get over it, but let me explain:

The Mozzarella Incident

On the first ever visit to Mama Dough we were so enamoured with the Pizza and atmosphere that we ordered dessert, the ‘hazelnut, ricotta and tiramisu custard ‘Nutella Calzone’, which sounds delicious. What we were presented with was a salty stringy filling that I would bet my first born child was mozzarella and not ricotta! The waitress swore that it was a type of ‘fresh ricotta’ that we weren’t accustomed to however it was clearly mozzarella and tasted funkier than James Brown.

For lack of better judgement I was not deterred and have ordered the Nutella Calzone again since. I am happy to testify (in the voice of the late Mr Brown) that it was delicious and CLEARLY had a ricotta filling! I’m not bitter. I swear. But I had to pay for the ‘mozz-strosity’ that I was presented with on my first visit….


Go Visit.

2 Wakefield Gardens, Ainslie, ACT


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