Le Bon Melange


Fun to say, even more fun to eat!

We have been longing for a ham and cheese croissant fix ever since ‘Autolyse’ in Braddon closed last year, and we have found one! Hidden in plain sight within the townhouse utopia that is ‘Gungahlin’ the suburb, Le Bon Melange offers visitors a little Parisian oasis away from the juxtaposed hectic construction of the town centre.

Le Bon Melange is not merely modelled as a classic French baker and patisserie, they actually make a plethora of breads and pastries baked on site. The small menu offers both breakfast and lunch items that are classically French without being too obscure for unadventurous pallets.

I highly, highly recommend the Pancakes with: lemon curd, mascarpone, fresh berries and lemon syrup. It is absolutely exquisite and might just pip the traditional Canadian maple syrup and bacon combo.

The interior fit out is fun & French without being tacky, and the beautiful aqua marine subway tile & off white colour scheme is very modern without being offensive.

They offer fresh bread and pre made baguette sandwiches to take away but my suggestion would be to visit for breakfast and eat there. The coffee is di Manfredi and perfectly acceptable, though I would love to see them jump on board with a local roaster in the future.

If you live that side of town and haven’t tried Le Bon Melange… then get on it! If you don’t live close, (I’m going out on a limb here) it’s almost worth braving the construction traffic for the pancakes.



We Love!

  • Congratulations for creating such a unique venue, especially in Gungahlin where foot traffic is not exactly Lonsdale Street. Very brave, and we love it!
  • The food on offer is clearly made on premises and it shows. Great selection that is presented well and conveniently packaged.
  • The interior fit out is striking and has been thoughtfully put together. Plus it is as close to St. Germain as you’re likely to find in Canberra.

Not So Much…

  • If the interior fit out whisks you away to a romantic Parisian bakery, the exterior whisks you right back to Gungahlin. I appreciate that they have no control over the building exterior itself, & they have made an effort to arrange their exterior furniture in the traditional French layout (chairs facing outward toward the street rather than facing in toward one another). However if they put in a little more effort into the exterior design of the cafe it would exponentially increase the magic of the venue.
  • The menu needs to be consolidated. The menu itself only consists of a small number of items however; there is also a blackboard with just as many specials on it, as well as two boards at the front door. It would be a smoother experience if they printed it all on one menu (even if they wanted to change it seasonally).


Go Visit.

Cnr. of Gungahlin Place & Bruning Street, Gungahlin, ACT


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