Old Canberra Inn


Easily Canberra’s oldest pub, it’s 56 years older than Canberra itself!

My Mum used to drink at Old Canberra Inn in the late 70’s (I said late 70’s Mum) & often said it was one of her favourite venues. Every time we drove past when I was a kid she would lament about how it was such a shame it had become so run down, and to be honest, a bit of a dive.

A number of years ago the venue got a new lease of life, new owners moved in and have worked wonders turning the image and vibe of the place around. From the quality of the food, the fit out of the venue, the beverages on offer, to live music and events. The List gives you an A+ for effort.

These guys have a serious craft beer obsession. They have a load of beer taps which all constantly rotate throughout just about every quality craft brewer I can think of, including the cream of what’s offered locally.

The food is a standard pub affair, though to be honest that’s exactly what this establishment demands, and they do a really good job of their meals. Decently sized, not too over priced, and compliment the beverage offerings well. So long as you could get a large table (or book) you could keep the whole team happy with both the food and drink menu on offer.

The atmosphere of the venue is fairly on point most of the time due to the historic buildings and buzz of the crowd. Our suggestion for maximum ambience is to visit on a cold Canberra night when the log fires and old fashioned Edison light globes cast the whole interior in a beautiful warm glow. Conversely; the beer garden(s) are quite the ticket to accompany a cold brew on a summer arvo too.

Old Canberra Inn is one of our favourite places for an often long overdue catch up and ‘session’. What the owners have done to improve this venue in recent years has ensured that the old girl not only has ample life left in her, but has become the favourite local for a new generation.



We Love!

  • They love beer. I mean that. I bet they bath in the stuff. But what that means for you is a new delicious crafted drop to try every time you visit. And support for local craft and micro brewers.
  • The ambiance on a cold dark Canberra winter night is second to none. I challenge you, find a cosier place to drink beer the next chilly Friday night.
  • The history of the buildings are tantamount to crack for ‘Canberraphiles’ (just made that up), and just a nice authentic surrounding for everyone else.
  • I know first hand that they are not shy of supporting local sports teams and groups. So you have permission from me to buy that second pint.

Not So Much…

I really struggled to find things that I didn’t like about the Old Canberra Inn. If I am really scraping the bottom of the barrel:

  • It does get busy. And I mean REALLY busy. Good luck finding a park, even on a Wednesday.
  • They are real true supporters of the Australian craft beer scene but enough with the watermelon infused triple hop monstrosity IPA. There are other beers that  I would love to see more traditional ales (and maybe even a hand pulled ale) especially in winter.
  • Commit to the quaint cosy pub vibe. The beautiful fire lit ambiance is so easily ruined by the glowing 70 inch screen of Raiders game. Maybe segregate each areas ‘purpose’ better.
  • The website. I think it is supposed to be awash with ‘upcoming events’ and ‘pub info’, but it’s not. It’s clunky, and a bit stark. Ultimately a wasted resource to promote your venue OCI!


Go Visit.

195 Mouat Street, Lyneham, ACT 2602


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