Double Shot


‘I wake up wanting to kiss you’, a love letter to coffee.

I’m amazed every single time I go to double shot. It doesn’t matter what day or time I visit it’s always full of people. In no way am I alluding to that fact as being frustrating, quite the opposite. It’s always full of atmosphere!

Located in the bottom of the ageing ‘Deakin Court’ building off Hopetoun Circuit, this great little place (used in an endearing adjective, it’s actually reasonably large) has a recipe for hospitality other cafes can only envy and attempt to replicate.

The interior is a stark modern contrast to the 70’s building encasing it. Split into two distinct areas, that can be segregated off or run together depending on capacity, each with it’s own distinct styling cues. The main cafe area uses a beautiful combination of white, black iron & concrete which is nicely contrasted with natural materials including timber, hemp rope, & vibrant green foliage. The rear area has a distinctly different feel with bigger seating arrangements & giant bulldog mural. It is tied to the front of house however with a number of the design elements including the hemp rope & iron that continue through.

The exterior of the cafe can be magical in the sun on a beautiful autumn morning, but can become a bit hot and sticky in summer if you can’t nab a place under the awning.

The menu is extensive & you will definitely be spoilt for choice. It centres around a multitude of traditional cafe offerings with a bit of adventurous spirit to them but nothing that a traditionalist bacon and eggs type would balk at.

For the life of me I can’t work out what coffee they are using (I might even just have to ask next visit) but it is consistently pretty damn good. On the strong side but plenty palatable & it will definitely have you charging through your afternoon.

My pick is the breakfast burger with an accompanying flat white, but you won’t be disappointed with whatever you choose. It’s friendly & welcoming atmosphere is completely suitable for an intimate coffee catch up for two, or a working lunch with a few colleagues. Children are well catered for but if you’re thinking of taking a whole gaggle maybe pick somewhere with a less breakable interior fit out.

If you haven’t been to Double Shot before you’re well & truly missing out. And if it’s been a while, it might be time for a return visit, it’s just as good as you remember.




N.B. Our Double Shot photos seem to have been eaten by the big all knowing Apple cloud in the sky. Please enjoy the ones I managed to salvage and I will endeavour to task Morty with obtaining more in the near future.

We Love!

  • Double Shot has absolutely stood the test of time. It’s as busy today as it has ever been. Sign of a winning formula.
  • Great atmosphere you would be heard pressed to beat. The one cafe seems to have different personalities depending on which area of the place you sit.
  • This place does get busy but I have honestly never had to wait long for a table, nor for my order to be taken. They seem to have service nailed.

Not So Much…

  • They have changed the menu sometime recently & although the new menu is perfectly acceptable, I seem to long for the old one. I miss my pickle that came with my toastie…
  • Outdoor area could have a bit more effort put into additional or improved seating. I can see what they are trying to do with the ‘big cotton reel drums’ & stool arrangement they have put out, but they just need more tables. The curse of being a popular spot.
  • Not really Double Shots fault (more of the building owner I guess) but there is only one toilet per gender, and you have to take the ‘old whisk with toilet key attached’ on a small hike.

Go Visit.

18 Duff Pl, Deakin, ACT

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