Redbrick provides a little suburban escape of deliciousness and caffeine.

Nestled, funnily enough in a single storey red brick building at the Curtin shops, is a cafe that you’re likely to have driven past before and not ever noticed. There is little to no signage outside the cafe or much else to convey what lies within, save for the giant pile of milk and bread crates serving as both additional seating & the building blocks for fort construction.

Step inside the unassuming little building and you are welcomed by a veritable little hive of activity and conversation. It’s definitely a popular weekend spot for locals. The interior layout is functional, if not a little minimalist, but it does somehow still capture immense charm & character.

There is no dedicated kitchen and all meals are prepared behind the cafe bar itself. That being said, every item on the succinct little menu that I have tried has been put together thoughtfully and has been completely delicious. Definitely try the toasted beetroot and pumpkin hummus sandwich or the seasonal soup on offer.

Where Redbrick outdoes many of it’s peers however is the quality of the coffee on offer. They have moved their roasting operation out to Fyshwick so unfortunately you will miss the intoxicating aroma of the little roaster which once sat in the corner of the store. The quality of their core range of coffee as well as their specialty offerings however  has remained exquisite.

If you appreciate a local roaster that produces a product of artisan quality then a trip to Redbrick is just what the doctor ordered. And hey, we can’t let ONA coffee have all the fun!



We Love!

  • Featherweight roaster thats fighting tooth & nail with the big boys, and not doing too badly if you ask me.
  • Such a sunny & unassuming location. You have turned what I assume was a wasted low rent real estate space into somewhere I look forward to visiting.
  • Pretty decent menu considering the lack of dedicated kitchen, you have done well. I can’t reccommend the pumpkin hummus sandwich enough.
  • Respect for supporting local producers & farmers. We doth our espresso stained caps for you.

Not So Much…

  • The exterior of the venue is in no way reflective of what the interior of the venue has to offer & needs some love. Milk crate furniture was cute at the start but it’s time to invest in some chairs.
  • With a growing repertoire of glamorous venues, including ‘Tinker Tailor’ in Casey & ‘Makeshift’ in New Acton, I think it’s time to show the OG Redbrick some love.
  • You guys roast a quality selection of coffees. Why not offer a couple in store instead of just the house blend. Two more grinders on the bench & people might invest in that second cap on your seasonal blend!

Go Visit.

4/35 Curtin Place, Curtain, ACT

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