We saw a hole in the market. So we filled it!

‘The Capital List’ was created by two ordinary gentlemen who love Canberra & it’s emerging & unique hospitality scene. From world class craft breweries & top notch cocktails, to exquisite locally roasted coffee & artisan crafted food.

Why did we create ‘The Capital List’?

We became sick of wading through the opinion pieces & advertisements plastered throughout existing ‘Canberra Review‘ websites. Yearned for a more trustworthy source to assist us decide where we should have our next Cappuccino or Negroni. And we longed for a resource to showcase the best cafes, bars and restaurants we could recommend to friends & family visiting Canberra (without having to read about the tram first).

Unfortunately, there wasn’t one. So we created one!

What can we promise you?

  • A beautifully curated list of the best establishments Canberra has to offer. Reviewed earnestly & honestly by real people like you who appreciate genuine craftsmanship and quality, for free.
  • No advertisements. Ever. Because they suck.
  • Independence. We do not own or run any of the places we review & we will never be persuaded to put an establishment we don’t deem, worthy, on ‘the list’.

Congratulations on your excellent taste (pun intended) & we hope you enjoy.

Bones & Morty.


We have fielded a number of questions about the origins and intentions of The Capital List in the few short weeks we have been afloat. We have decided to include an FAQ section in the near future to field some of those common questions.

Stay tuned.