Hippo Co.

Thoughts: Hippo is hard. Hippo is hard because when I first arrived circa six years ago the bar scene in capital city was, well, pretty grim. I guess there was Muddle and Kremlin, but I wouldn’t describe either as particularly enticing. Hippo however, with it’s cosy little enclave and unassuming (ever so slightly) lofty situ... Continue Reading →

Old Canberra Inn

Thoughts: Easily Canberra's oldest pub, it's 56 years older than Canberra itself! My Mum used to drink at Old Canberra Inn in the late 70's (I said late 70's Mum) & often said it was one of her favourite venues. Every time we drove past when I was a kid she would lament about how it was such a... Continue Reading →

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