Thoughts: Redbrick provides a little suburban escape of deliciousness and caffeine. Nestled, funnily enough in a single storey red brick building at the Curtin shops, is a cafe that you're likely to have driven past before and not ever noticed. There is little to no signage outside the cafe or much else to convey what... Continue Reading →

Double Shot

Thoughts: 'I wake up wanting to kiss you', a love letter to coffee. I'm amazed every single time I go to double shot. It doesn't matter what day or time I visit it's always full of people. In no way am I alluding to that fact as being frustrating, quite the opposite. It's always full... Continue Reading →

ONA – Manuka

Thoughts: Apparently it's pronounced 'On-Ah', not 'Oh-Nah', mind blown! 'On-Ah Manuka' aka 'ONA On The Lawns' is the original ONA venue and probably their most relaxed offering. Sitting in a fantastic little strip of cafes at Manuka shops, including Urban Pantry & Patissez, although it is probably our pick of the strip for a quality brew... Continue Reading →

Le Bon Melange

Thoughts: Fun to say, even more fun to eat! We have been longing for a ham and cheese croissant fix ever since 'Autolyse' in Braddon closed last year, and we have found one! Hidden in plain sight within the townhouse utopia that is 'Gungahlin' the suburb, Le Bon Melange offers visitors a little Parisian oasis away... Continue Reading →

Coffee Lab

Thoughts: Oh my, Coffee Lab has stolen my heart, and it has nothing to do with coffee! Let me explain. There is nothing wrong with the name 'Coffee Lab', nor their little conical flask logo, nor their coffee for that matter. But I feel on some level the name is somewhat of a misnomer because their food... Continue Reading →

Penny University

Thoughts: Penny has remained a staple of Kingston for a number of years now whilst other venues have come and gone. This seems to be due largely to the fact that they have gotten their formula right; consistently good food, coffee, atmosphere, and service. It is easily one of my most favourite breakfast haunts in... Continue Reading →

The Cupping Room

Thoughts: I have found my caffeine muse. A place where I can ostentatiously sip my single origin pour over coffee whilst my 'friends' take the piss out of me. In all seriousness 'The Cupping Room' is one of the best coffee experiences you will find in Canberra if you really can appreciate a crafted cup... Continue Reading →

Two Before Ten – City

Thoughts: I first floated the idea for 'The Capital List' a number of years ago whilst we were sitting in the original 'Two Before Ten' which used to be in Canberra House. Back then the intoxicating smell of their coffee roasting would drift across Hobart Place and I would find myself purchasing a bag of... Continue Reading →

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