Thoughts: Redbrick provides a little suburban escape of deliciousness and caffeine. Nestled, funnily enough in a single storey red brick building at the Curtin shops, is a cafe that you're likely to have driven past before and not ever noticed. There is little to no signage outside the cafe or much else to convey what... Continue Reading →

Double Shot

Thoughts: 'I wake up wanting to kiss you', a love letter to coffee. I'm amazed every single time I go to double shot. It doesn't matter what day or time I visit it's always full of people. In no way am I alluding to that fact as being frustrating, quite the opposite. It's always full... Continue Reading →

ONA – Manuka

Thoughts: Apparently it's pronounced 'On-Ah', not 'Oh-Nah', mind blown! 'On-Ah Manuka'¬†aka 'ONA On The Lawns' is the original ONA venue and probably their most relaxed offering. Sitting in a fantastic little strip of cafes at Manuka shops, including Urban Pantry & Patissez, although it is probably our pick of the strip for a quality brew... Continue Reading →

Penny University

Thoughts: Penny has remained a staple of Kingston for a number of years now whilst other venues have come and gone. This seems to be due largely to the fact that they have gotten their formula right; consistently good food, coffee, atmosphere, and service. It is easily one of my most favourite breakfast haunts in... Continue Reading →

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