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Our stickers have arrived! Finally. If you want some headed your way to rep ‘The List’ be sure to email us your name and address along with: a joke, limerick, haiku, pun, story, anecdote (or anything that we find amusing) and they are yours free.

They were designed by our mate L.S Newton who does our graphic design. If you like his work and wan’t to engage his tasteful eye for yourself drop us a line and we can pass your details along.


Three stacks of sticker on wooden table.


N.B. If you find the ‘Certified Capital’ sticker on your establishment it is because you have earned it! We don’t give those out for free. If you throw a hissy fit: they are made of super high quality vinyl & can be removed easily. Though respect begets respect, & we may remove you just as easily from The Capital List.