Hippo Co.

Thoughts: Hippo is hard. Hippo is hard because when I first arrived circa six years ago the bar scene in capital city was, well, pretty grim. I guess there was Muddle and Kremlin, but I wouldn’t describe either as particularly enticing. Hippo however, with it’s cosy little enclave and unassuming (ever so slightly) lofty situ... Continue Reading →

T.C.L – On Instagram

Were on Instagram! We have decided to launch The Capital List on social media, and specifically/solely on Instagram. No we don't have any affiliation with Instagram we just like the platform & can tolerate the advertisements on there, for now. Morty & I have found that Facebook & many other popular social media outlets have... Continue Reading →


If you missed our Instagram post about or sticker haul don't panic! Our mate L.S Newton has delivered the goods (pictured above). They will be delivered to anyone who loves what we do and wants to represent 'The List'. Drop us a line at contact.thecapitallist@gmail.com & be sure to include your name and address along with: a joke,... Continue Reading →

Old Canberra Inn

Thoughts: Easily Canberra's oldest pub, it's 56 years older than Canberra itself! My Mum used to drink at Old Canberra Inn in the late 70's (I said late 70's Mum) & often said it was one of her favourite venues. Every time we drove past when I was a kid she would lament about how it was such a... Continue Reading →

The Capital List Begins

You’re standing on the street corner saying goodbye to your group of friends as you glance down and notice the stain on your shirt from the evenings meal. “Great...” you think. “A brand-new shirt and now it is ruined, and ruined by a terrible meal from a restaurant that was not only overpriced but devoid... Continue Reading →

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